Video Marketing

“Videos is one of the most powerful marketing tools today available to businesses of any size”


In the times we’re living today, people are drawn to video more then any other form of media. It has resulted in the explosion of TV sitcoms, Hollywood, and Youtube in our generation. What was once only available to Fortune 500 companies with extreme marketing budgets is now available to business of all sizes: Video Marketing.

Our Video Marketing Service uses professionally trained actors to produce either a corporate video or testimonial videos for your business.


You are given full rights to the videos and can use them anywhere you like. Many businesses post them on youtube and use youtube as a natural way to bring new traffic to their site. You can also use the videos in any other marketing you’re doing, and use them on your company website.

Why have videos? Simple, videos are powerful. They personalize the web, build trust between you and your customers, and get a high visitor to customer conversion rate.


Our corporate videos are available to company of all sizes – Small, Media, & Large. Build your brand with a professional corporate video filmed with a trained spokesperson.

Specs include:

  • Crystal clear 1080p 1920×1080 format so you can use the video on any site.
  • Add your logo to the background.
  • 50 Words standard. More words available.
  • Music/Different Background available.


Large Companies

Medium Companies

Small Companies/Professionals

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial Videos are powerful videos in which we take a real life testimonial from one of your customers and produce it on the screen using one of our professional actors. See samples of our testimonial videos below:



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