SEO Reporting

At the end of every month you will be sent a report that includes:

1. Monthly Recap & Backlinks Built

This 1st document recaps the month and tells you any major information you might need to be aware of such as # of site visitors, actions taken, ect. You will also be the # of backlinks built for that month to your site.

* Please note: We do not provide exact links to the backlink profile as it is too tedious to hunt down every backlink.

2. Monthly Website Position Change Report

Every month, we will run a ranking report to document the progress and send it to you via email. The rank reports include Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and indicates the exact position in the search engine for those keywords. You will be shown before and after rankings so you can see the increase in position achieved that month. A report is taken at the very start of the project for benchmarking purposes. Reports are sent during the last week of every month.

3. Analytical Reporting

We will provide an analytic report detailing visitor behavior. This includes # of visitor, sources they came from, keywords searched, ect. The report will include the source of the visitor, bounce rate, pages visited, time on page, as well as other key data to help optimize the website. We use the popular Analytics software Getclicky.com to perform this. You are also able to login at any time to access analytical data (don’t have to wait until the monthly report from us).