Scope of Work

The following 3 stages is a sample of what will be performed with your campaign:

1. Research and Planning.

This includes:

  • Website Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Domain Factor Analysis

We have an extensive knowledge of how search engines work and what they’re looking for. We do in-depth industry research before any optimization is performed. We analyze your competitors to see how competitive your industry is and what your competition is doing to get high rankings.

Choosing Keywords (performed in collaboration with you) is next. Keywords are the terms that search engines users use to find your website online. To determine the best keywords for your industry we use:

  • Your Knowledge - you know your industry & customers much better than we do
  • Google Keyword Tool – this provides us with the most popular searched terms related to your industry
  • Competitor Rankings – we look at the keywords your competition is ranking for
  • Pay Per Click Advertising – if your company is doing/has done PPC advertising, we will use those keywords also.

Lastly, we’ll do an analysis of your domain factors to ensure proper Registration information, Nameserver setup, being in good standing with your webhost, ect. Most websites naturally have this well taken care of so there is little we need to do in this regard.

2. Website & Domain Factor Optimization:

Website optimization is the foundation of your SEO campaign, without it your house will fall apart.

Website optimization is the next step in the process. We incorporate your selected keywords into existing internet pages with keyword saturation and density which is needed to achieve the top 10 rankings by modifying and optimizing the crucial areas in your site’s source code. This includes:

  1. Utilizing key phrase factors like keyword density, relevancy and position.
  2. Page markup factors like <title> tags, <meta> tags, and <a href=> hyperlink tags.
  3. Using H1/H2/H3 HTML Tags.
  4. Optimizing home page content
  5. 2-3% keyword density throughout your site
  6. Xml Sitemaps Creation

3. Backlink Publishing

The most difficult stage in the process. We work to publish Quality, Consistent, and Diverse backlinks (see Our SEO Process).

Publishing is the “natural” process of getting content and information about your site across the web to different content publishers. This is the approach we take.

To do this we publish articles across:

  1. Online Press Releases
  2. Article Sites
  3. Directories (non-article related)

Every one of these publishers is in compliance with Google standards. These methods comprise the “Bull Horn” Process (the details of course being the most important part) and are what gets the results that we get for our clients.

* WARNING. Backlinking is a delicate process and requires an experienced SEO firm to properly setup! The correct # of links needs to be built every month based on your site history, industry standards, and the natural-indexing process. The correct types of links need to be built with correct mixture. For every client we work with we build a custom backlink plan based on our experience with 100s of campaigns.

Don’t trust your SEO with just anyone! Make sure they have plenty of references and case studies.

4. Blog Posting (optional)

Specific Blog Posts written about your products/services added to the blog on your website. Blogs are powerful devices used to add keyword rich content to your website for search engines to crawl and for site visitors to read through.

While not a requirement to increase search engine rankings, blog posts help tremendously.