Our SEO Process

SE Ranking has been developed and tested to produce 1) the highest search rankings for your site, 2) in as fast of a time as possible, and 3) get your company a quick ROI from our service. In order to understand our process & why it’s better than any other company’s out there, you must 1st understand what SEO is and how Search Engines work:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of your website in search engines via the “natural” (organic) search results. This is an alternative to Pay-per-click programs such as Google Adwords. SEO often times produces greater results with more clicks and a much higher ROI.

How do Search Engines determine the sites they place at the top? There are only 10 results on the 1st page, who gets them? Remember that the goal of every search engine is  to bring their search users to the site or sites they are looking for as quickly as possible. To do this, they want to place the most relevant and most talked about websites at the top of the results.


To determine the most relevant and talked about websites, the search engine algorithms use auto-bots that crawl the internet looking at 3 things: 1) Domain Factors 2) Website Factors and 3) Backlinks. Your website is what you say about yourself, while backlinks are what others say about you & are what helps most with getting you into the coveted 1st 10 positions. Every link into your site from another is a vote telling search engines that you’re being talked about and should be at the top. That, in a nutshell, is how search engines work.

* In this screenshot of your average Google search result, Red represents Ads, Blue represents Organic results, and Green represents Local results (only if search term is location based). Our SEO Process places your site at the top of both Organic and Local results.

What is Your Process? Remember from above that search engines look at 3 things: 1) Domain Factors 2) Website Factors and 3) Backlinks. We address each of these factors.

1) Domain factors. This includes proper registration information, Nameserver setup, being in good standing with your webhost, ect. Most websites naturally have this well taken care of so there is little we need to do in this regard.

2) Website Factors. Website factors include proper meta tags, headlines, titles, descriptions, and a natural spread of your keywords. We do a thorough search of your site checking 40+ elements that search engines read on your site. We will make any changes or edits necessary to your site to make certain it’s search engine friendly. Best practices include using a keyword saturation of 2-3% to achieve optimal results.

3. Backlinks. The most difficult and controversial part of SEO is building backlinks. Obtaining quality “referral links” has become the central focuses of today’s SEO strategy. The expression “the devil is in the details” applies heavily to backlink building as the most vital factors are the details. Because of the importance of details, every campaign needs to be custom-made, and having a seasoned, experienced SEO company is vital for your website not getting penalized for over-optimization.

There are 3 main factors needed for a results-producing backlink campaign:

1. Quality links. “Spamming” the internet will only get you poor quality links that will eventually get your site penalized. Be weary of any companies using spamming methods such as forum posting, blog commenting, guestbooks, private networks, and image commenting

2. Consistency in quantity. Publishing 100 backlinks the 1st month then 0 the next is the equivalence of being on the front page of newspapers one week, then not found anywhere after. You’re old news. Consistency is vital and shows search engines that you are still being talked about.

3. Diversity. Having many Press Releases published on PRWeb is great, but it is only one source and does not fulfill the diversity that search engines look for. They want to see you being talked about by many different sites.

There are 2 approaches SEO firms take to getting coveted backlinks:

1. Unnatural, Paid, Private network, or Spammy links. These are called “Blackhat” methods. They work to try and trick search engines into placing you at the top of results. Any companies using these methods get results that are short lived, if any, and results in penalties for your site. * Beware of any SEO company using these types of links.

2. Publishing. Publishing is the “natural” process of getting content and information about your site across the web to different content publishers. This is the approach we take.

Instead of trying to trick search engines, we publish information about your business across the web - the results prove that this is definitely the best approach. Results are better then Blackhat methods and the results are long-lived.

To do this we publish articles across:

  1. Online Press Releases
  2. Article Sites
  3. Directories (non-article related)

Every one of these publishers is in compliance with Google standards. These methods comprise the “Bull Horn” Process (the details of course being the most important part) and are what gets the results that we get for our clients.