Reputation Management

“98% of Search engine users never go past the 1st page of results. The information found on the 1st page of search engine results about your company can either build your company up or cost you 1000s of sales.”


The goal of every search engine, including the top 3: Google, Yahoo, and Bing are to place the most authoritative, relevant results at the top of every search and provide their users with the information they’re seeking. In these days there are numerous user-generated negative report sites such as ripoffreport.com that are very authoritative and can appear at the top of search results for your company.

Our Reputation Management Service uses Search Engine Optimization techniques to push other sites over sites such as ripoffreport.com, thereby pushing these negative review sites to the back of search engines where your customers won’t every find them.


Our Reputation management services can help your business if you find the following:

1. Negative reports/ Rip off reports on the 1st page for your company name are ruining your reputation and costing you customers.


Many reputable research companies have investigated the online \ review phenomenon. Here are a few statistics that show just how important your online reputation is today.

1. “Over 92% of Adults Regularly Research Products Online before buying them in a store” (The National Retail Federation).

It’s almost guaranteed that if a potential customer finds a ripoffreport or other negative report about you online when researching your company it will result in a lost customer.

2. “78% of the respondents surveyed commented that they believe customer reviews are the Most Credible Form of Advertising” (Nielsen survey).

3. “84% of Internet users surveyed trust customer reviews more than expert reviews” (Marketing Sherpa).

More and more people are trusting peers on sites like ripoffreport.com to see if they should do business with a company or not.


The benefits of increasing of our Reputation Management service online are numerous. With this service, we not only push negative reports to the back of search engines, we also push positive reports/news to the top for you. This results in:

1. Acquire New Customers for your company

2. Help Your Prospects Make the “Yes” Decisions

3. Increase Your Company’sProfits

4. Build Loyalty to Your Company


Our Reputation Management service using specialized SEO techniques to push negative reports to the back of search engines and replace their positions with positive reports about your company. This services requires a specialized strategy coupled with well developed techniques to produce results. Don’t trust your reputation in the hands of just anyone. Go to the experts.

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