Mobile Websites

“Your Website on the Small Screen!”

From March of 2009 to March of 2010 the amount of mobile web users has more than doubled and is predicted to continue at an even greater rate (egov 2010). The reasons for this include: the “on-the-go” culture we live in, and smart-phones literally being given away by carriers in an effort to renew more plans and steal business from competitors.  At the current rate of growth, more people will own a smart-phone by 2013 and be capable of browsing the web than not. While the market of mobile applications is growing steadily.

Why have a Mobile Website / App?

Better user experience– A website or a mobile application designed for mobile should load in about 4 seconds, provides a much easier to use user interface, and is designed specifically for smaller screens.40% of Internet users are on Mobile devices – With so many of your users on a mobile device, you need a mobile presence.

Easy Navigation – Our team creates your site with big easy to push buttons, so site visitors don’t get frustrated and leave your site.  This is a very important component of any mobile site. The less drop-offs = more happy users.

App store optimization – Contact us after January, 2017 for the service availability. Meanwhile read more about ASO optimization tips by clicking here.


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