Reputation Marketing

“Your online identity is determined not only by what you post, but also by what others post about you — whether a mention in a blog post, a photo tag or a reply to a public status update.” Google Inc. 2012


Your Online Identity is comprised of what you say about yourself online, and more importantly, what others say about you. The nature of the internet today is that any user can make their opinion about your business, whether good or bad, known to millions on the web at any time on a number of established sites (no matter how qualified or unqualified they are to leave that review).

Our Reputation Marketing Service harnesses the power of online reviews to build your brand online, regain lost customers, & increase sales. Reputation marketing is one of the most POWERFUL & NECESSARY ways to grow your business online in this day and age.


Our Reputation marketing services can help your business if you find yourself in 1 of 2 positions:

1. Negative reviews online from disgruntled employees or unhappy customers are ruining your reputation & driving customers away to your competition.

2. You have a lack of reviews online making discrediting just how established your business is.


Many reputable research companies have investigated the online customer review phenomenon. Here are a few statistics that show just how important your online reputation is today.

1. “Over 92% of Adults Regularly Research Products Online before buying them in a store” (The National Retail Federation).


2. “78% of the respondents surveyed commented that they believe customer reviews are the Most Credible Form of Advertising” (Nielsen survey).

3. “84% of Internet users surveyed trust customer reviews more than expert reviews” (Marketing Sherpa).


The benefits of increasing your Reputation online are numerous. They include:

1. Acquire New Customers

2. Help Prospects Make Decisions

3. Increase Profits

4. Build Loyalty


Our Reputation Services include:

1. Review Funneling

Setup & Implement our unique Bull Horn Review Funneling system. The system gets & processes all reviews, with negative reviews sent to you for review before ever being published, and positive reviews being posted on the appropriate site. This system turns what was once an impossible task, getting customers to write you reviews, into an effective process with high percentages of your customers leaving powerful reviews. The system works for most review sites & directories.

2. Positive Review SEO

Are there webpages that appear on the 1st page of search engine results for your company that have written a negative review of your business? With this service, we SEO positive reviews/ news stories about your company so that they take the search position of negative review sites, pushing negative reviews to the back pages of search engines.

3. Monitoring

With online reputation, how quickly you respond to negative reviews is very important. We monitor your company name and send you a detailed report anytime you are mentioned so that you can respond quickly and in an appropriate manner.

4. Professional Testimonials

We develop professional video testimonials with trained actors showing potential customers what they might expect to experience with your product or service.

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