About Us

Since our inception, we at Bull Horn Media Group have been building and shaping online marketing campaigns and services for our clients with a focus on building our client brands & businesses online. One of the most frequent questions we’re asked is, “What makes Bull Horn Media Group unique?”


Here is our attempt to answer that: Simplification is a beautiful thing, and the time it’ll save you is worth it’s weight in Gold. We help our clients simplify their online marketing services by providing every service they need in one place: Reputation Marketing, Search Marketing, Web & Graphic Design, & Social Media.


Many online marketing firms focus only on growing traffic & neglect reputation. Reputation marketing is at the core of everything we do and the reason for our incredible results.


We hate calling big corporate 800 #s only to speak to impersonal “droids.” We figure our clients feel the same way. That’s why we approach business in a personal, “neighborly” fashion complete with real people & real relationships.


All of our work is done to achieve the results our clients need & want. You’ll never be sold something you don’t need from us, only the essentials to grow and get results.